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Battery Pack

The Most Stable & Reliable Power System

Off-the-Shelf Battery

Is the cost very high to build your own eBike battery pack? 
AcerMPS provided certified eBike battery packs, so you can get a quality battery pack without paying for certification fee with a smaller MoQ. 

down tube

Down Tube

The outer shell of down tube can be protected well. Single battery, to suit a variety of application scenarios. Can be used as an extended range or long distance riding.

In Tube

E-bike in tube battery is specially designed for ebike in tube battery storage. It is used to replace damaged or old battery.
Meanwhile, battery protective cover, prevent dust and scratches for longdistance riding pleasure.

Rear Pack

A rear-mounted e-bike battery is better protected against the weather. The more inconspicuous look also speaks for the rear position. 

in tube
rear pack

Customized Battery

Riding a stylish bike is always your desire? Building a high capacity battery make bike extend range? IT integration to enhance your applications (big data, AI support) ?

AcerMPS provides customization service to help you optimized your bike.

Paris Pack Drawing.png
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